Senior Interval

senior doing pushups

All Your Fitness Needs Covered

Welcome to our Senior Interval class, where we believe that age is no barrier to achieving optimal fitness. This dynamic class has been meticulously crafted to address all your fitness needs, catering to the unique requirements of seniors. Through alternating intervals of strength training and non-jarring aerobics, we ensure a well-rounded workout that leaves you feeling energized and accomplished. And to top it all off, we conclude with a soothing stretch, allowing you to unwind and nurture your body after a fulfilling session.

Interval Training for Seniors

Interval training has proven to be a highly effective fitness approach, and we've tailored it specifically for seniors. These well-paced intervals involve bursts of strength training exercises, followed by low-impact aerobics that get your heart pumping without putting unnecessary stress on your joints. This method not only boosts cardiovascular health but also enhances muscular strength and endurance, making it perfect for seniors looking to improve their overall fitness.

senior lifting weight

Strength Training Designed for Seniors

Age is just a number, and we firmly believe that seniors can build and maintain their strength through carefully designed exercises. Our strength training intervals incorporate resistance-based movements that target major muscle groups, ensuring you maintain muscle mass and functional strength as you age. You'll be amazed at how much stronger and more confident you'll feel in your daily activities.

Non-Jarring Aerobics for Joint Health

The well-being of your joints is a top priority in our Senior Interval class. Our aerobics segments are thoughtfully designed to be gentle on your joints while still providing an effective cardiovascular workout. You'll enjoy improved circulation, enhanced lung capacity, and a healthier heart, all without subjecting your joints to excessive impact.

Ending with a Relaxing Stretch

After the invigorating intervals, it's essential to honor your body with a soothing stretch. Our class ends with a series of relaxing stretches that improve flexibility, release tension, and promote better range of motion. It's the perfect way to cool down and give your body the TLC it deserves after a challenging workout.

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